What do our members say about Ahead?

Better than a meditation app

I love this app because it explain what is actually going in your brain. Why your thoughts tend to make you react in a certain way

dsam26037, April 2024


In a short period of time I already see a difference in my attitude. Even if I haven’t had to use all of the techniques yet to reach my goal, my general outlook on daily life is more positive and I feel more optimistic!

PBS200, May 2024

Great for anxiety!

I love this app. I have a really hard time structuring my thoughts and feelings when being anxious. This app has really great tools and walkthroughs that easily replace what I was going in therapy. It's a lot cheaper and a lot more accessible too.

PBS200, May 2024

This app actually works

Almost 40 and have tried so many apps and meds and such to feel better. Ahead gives me the chance to work on my skills and teaches me things in a way my brain gets. It’s worth every penny.

okie dokie artichokey, May 2024

This is exactly what my husband and I needed

My husband especially needed this EXACT app, and what it provides. We’ve been paying therapists hoping they would offer what this app is. Highly recommend.

Uwodahikamama, May 2024


I love that this app is set up in small, quick, easy to do lessons where it feels similar to a game. Everything is put into terms we can all understand and fun activities that promote self-reflection and incremental change. Loving it so far!!

totheend58, May 2024

Ahead app has helped me get ahead with a lot of my thoughts and emotions

I downloaded this app last summer when I was in a really dark place in my life. It has helped me exponentially the last few months and when I’m having a rough go of it I can refer back to the modules I’ve completed to help get my head in the right space and continue to move forward and work on personal growth

Daneveryguy, May 2024

Self awareness leads to self awesomeness

I love this app! I never pay for anything on the Apple Store but I did a 1yr for this one bc it’s so helpful! It’s great for practicing mindfulness and breaking those patterns that lead us to anxiety and unhappiness. I even found out I’m not as garbage as I thought bc it asked me questions, then had me survey my friends anonymously so I could see how I see myself vs how the world sees me. It’s very very very helpful, there’s a free trial and a free version, please try it! Treat yourself to some time committed to self care

Wolverine<3, May 2024



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