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We are a bunch of geeks with backgrounds in psychology, behavioral science, product design, and coding. And we’re on a mission: Make tools for the mind to advance humankind! (Because we’re also just humans who struggle with their emotions.) Be part of science in the making: Ahead isn’t perfect (either). But together with our users, we’re making something that helps us all get along with our emotions. We promise to only give you science-proven advice, never reveal your secrets, and always act in your favor. Greetings from Kai, John, Duncan, Sarah, Mantas, Kristers, Hannah and Shervin!

Getting better at managing emotions has a huge impact on your life - more than learning any other skill: It allows you to become the person you want to be. To be more connected, successful, and happy. To be a better partner, friend, colleague.

Life is expensive. We feel you - we also have bills to pay. Everyone who supports us financially helps us make this product better and the world calmer, kinder, and happier. Per month, a Pro subscription is cheaper than: Self-help books no one reads; Overpriced therapy or coaching; and Punching bags

We can learn to better manage our emotions: As children, we cried when mom didn’t buy us ice cream. As we got older, we learned to stop that. But why wait until we’re 90 to be in charge of our emotions? We can learn it in just weeks! The hundreds of thousands of happy, relaxed Ahead users are proof of that. It’s all about overcoming our brains’ unhelpful thought patterns - by spotting them and using simple techniques. As Henry Ford said: "Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right."

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