Self-improvement. Ugh.

We all know those people: Charming, resilient, and cool as a cucumber. They seem to have it all together, even under pressure, but meanwhile you’re still 🤯😬😰😡.

If you’re anything like us, you want to be more like one of those people. You’ve tried it all: Self-help books, internet articles, TED talks, life coaches. You’ve walked away inspired to live your #BestLife, but found yourself relapsing into old ways. Whether it’s resilience, assertiveness, or taming temper, whatever you’ve tried just doesn’t seem to stick.

So, here's what we think is wrong with self-improvement & how we're fixing it.


It’s not as easy as 1-2-3.

The journey of change may be long, but our sessions are quick. We get to the point and tell you what you want to know (and nothing else).


Old habits are hard to break.

And bad behaviors die hard. Fortunately, we give you great, science-backed techniques to use (instead of shouting at your boss).


You and your motivation don’t have a long-term relationship.

Luckily, we can proactively prepare you for the marathon, not just the race. Effective, memorable exercises (jazzed with a healthy dose of humor) will help you stick to your goals.


Books just don’t offer practical solutions.

Remember when you learned to ride a bike just by reading? Yeah, we don’t either. We help you take concrete small steps towards your goals. Learning just a bit, then immediately springing into action.


It goes in one ear, out the other.

By managing your goals in a realistic way, we help you avoid tackling too much at once.


Inspiration is great, but then what.

We make sure your energy from all the content you consume does not fizzle out.

Built out of frustration.

Kai & John here, Founders of ahead.

We've been there ourselves. We too wanted to change, trying absolutely everything along the way… online forums, YouTube videos, deep corners of the internet.

Through our exhaustive search for change, we realized that the moment we walk away from our self-help book, life coach, or drunk best friend offering advice, our inspiration begins to fade. We tried our best, but even the most inspiring words just weren’t applicable in the real world.

We built the ahead app, initially to help ourselves, and then our friends. Now we want everyone to achieve their change goals.

Meet ahead – a personalized pocket coach that provides bite-sized, science-driven tools to boost emotional intelligence. Think of it as a pocket cheerleader towards a better, more fulfilling, clearer-minded way of life.

After all, it's all in your head.



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