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EQ beats IQ

People with high emotional intelligence (EQ) live more fulfilled lives. They tend to be happier and have healthier relationships. They are more successful in their pursuits and make for inspiring leaders. According to science, they earn $29k a year more on average. Yay for facts, yay for EQ!

Does this sound familiar...

You squabble with your partner

You accuse them of doing that thing you hate (they always do it!), instead of staying calm and addressing their emotions.

You get a promotion at work

You question yourself and wonder when they’ll realize you’re an unqualified imposter, instead of trusting yourself & your abilities.

You attend a class reunion

You compare yourself with your peers’ achievements, instead of making your self-judgement more independent of others.

You argue with a colleague

You get angry and defensive, instead of staying open and working towards common ground.

You are at a lively dinner party

You play on your phone, instead of confidently approaching strangers and striking up a chat.

You hit dead end in a negotiation

You get nervous, frazzled, and frustrated, instead of staying optimistic and solution-oriented.

Be the best you with EQ

Not having your own emotions under control might be holding you back. Additionally, not  understanding those of others stops you from being the best parent, spouse, friend, or colleague you can be. 

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A personalized pocket coach that provides bite-sized, science-driven tools to boost emotional intelligence. Think of it as a pocket cheerleader towards a better, more fulfilling, clearer-minded way of life.